Mahsa Soroudi

I found this week’s artist of the week particularly difficult to analyze. Mahsa’s art I can say is the type of art I like, but not the style of art I typically enjoy. I enjoy photography, as it’s easy to pick up and you can capture the actual beauty of the world in full vivid color. That being said, I find plants to be an exceptionally boring thing to photograph, they make for good still life paintings, but I don’t necessarily think that they fit my tastes for photography.

That being said, Mahsa does have an interesting background that is very dissimilar to a lot of popular artists. She is Muslim, and she moved out of a highly conservative place that does not have a lot of women’s rights to immigrate to the US. Muslims in the US get significantly more rights that those in Iran. For one, she appears in the interview with Glenn without a veil, an act that would be forbidden for a Muslim to do in Iran.

I suppose this narrative leads me to produce a more neutral view on her than other artists, I think her story is inspiring, but I do not prefer her style of art.



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