Cuisine, Refined

My challenge this week was to make my cuisine assignment “technically better”. I chose the cuisine assignment for two reasons. The first was that I love making food. Even if I don’t eat the food, I enjoy making it. The second was because I had already thought about how I could make my assignment better without even knowing that this was the final week’s project.

I examined my Cuisine assignment from earlier in the summer and thought that my preparation was rather good. There was a good arrangement of color, but the end result had all the colors muted due to the sauce. I decided to fix that I would need to make a dish with a light sauce, or no sauce at all. My wife had recently been craving Caprese Salad, so I thought, why not do that this week?

As you can tell the preparation is similar, Julian the peppers, slice the tomatoes and mozzarella, but instead of cooking the ingredients, I put them with some basil leafs and balsamic vinaigrette to make a tasty treat that looks beautiful for my wife and I to enjoy. I added pictures, which some are posted to my instagram.


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