Hanging Art

This week’s activity I enjoyed for two main reasons. The first was simple, I found the whole activity silly, and I really enjoy silly things. The second, was that it was an interactive experience with Aspen and my  Cat, Maximus. It was an interactive experience because The hanging art I chose to make was a leash rack. While looking at the pieces that were examples on the activity description I kept on saying, these things just look like mop heads, and I wanted to produce something I thought was equally silly looking, thus I chose a rack to leashes.

Leashes are supposed to be used on a frequent basis, and I found the idea of putting a bunch of dog leashes on a rack to be both humorous to me, as putting them into art will effectively render them useless, and a bit cruel to Aspen, who just wanted to go for a walk.

One thing that happened, however, was the Maximus’s  love of dangly things to fully annoy me as I was carefully trying to place the leashes onto the rack. After I was done with the assembly, I snapped my shots, dissembled my art and took poor Aspen for a walk.


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