Kat Von D and Guy Tang

The theme of the week is body art, and both Kat Von D and Guy Tang are both experts in their disciplines. Body art, including both hair art and tattoos, are incredibly polarizing. While I hate to break things down binarily, there usually is no middle ground between those who enjoy body art, and those who detest it (usually the older generations). Hair and body tattoos as expression has been around in about every major civilization for milenia, and it’s resurgance in popularity in endo-european society is not surprising.

As we get more and more connected through the use of technology, we also become more and more homogenized. The desire to stand out and express oneself is one of the few things that sets others apart. My wife has always wanted to get a tattoo, and this January she finally got one. I believe that has a lot to do with this desire to express herself amid a stressful world.

Guy Tang and Kat Von D do that expression, for a large price of course. Whether you would like rainbow hair, or perhaps the Mona Lisa on your side, that expression is now possible via the hands and tools of these artists.


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