For this week’s activity, I chose to take on the cuisine part of the assignment. Little known fact about me, I love cooking. I currently have an Instagram page, run by my wife, with my vegetarian meals. To me cooking is cathartic, allowing me to escape from my troubles and stresses for the day and put together something that tastes good, and sometimes looks good too.

I find that making food look good, that is of professional quality, is incredibly difficult. You have to me limited on your seasonings, avoid tomato based sauces, as it stains your vegetables, and use ingredients that have a color contract to each other.

For my recipe this week I chose to do a little experiment, and create a new dish. I call this one tortilla chili and served it over a bed of rice to get the variety of colors that is visually stimulating to those who are foodies. This was by far my favorite activity of the summer, and it allowed me to do the work naturally, rather than by planning it out.


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