Street Photography

Street photography, incidentally, was something that I already did before this week. I enjoy traveling around the city and taking pictures of random buildings and people, and capturing that sense of trueness that a lot of popular photography lacks. We’re given this great medium in which we can capture a moment in time, and we choose to use it by making people pose in front of white screens and having artists make those people look prettier.

Not today though, however, as my models were my wife, Justine, and my dog, Aspen. Aspen did her best job at trying to completely ruin all the shots, but that’s okay because she’s a dog and that’s what they do. You have to make the best out of what you got. That principle, in essence, is what makes impromptu photography so great.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for my wife, we live in an urban area, and these shots were only a block or so from our house.



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