Landscape with a Corpse

For my project this week I actually had the luck to happen upon an actual corpse in a landscape setting. The pictures that I have taken are from Catalina Island, when me and my wife visited near Avalon. We went off the beaten path and stumbled upon a set of bones. We framed it near the beautiful hills in the background to show this juxtaposition of beauty and death.

While realistically this is not a corpse, it is a pile of bones of what appears to be a deer, it shows what I believe that this activity was meant to show, how life and death is connected. We could not be living today if billions of other organisms did not live, die, and then decompose to return the nutrients to the Earth for the process to renew.

Death is the universal constant on this planet. Every organism is born with a death sentence, a finite time before they are swooped away to whichever god they believe in. It may be a bit morbid to think of life in such a deterministic manner, but there really is little other evidence to go off. Is this our nirvana? Who’s to say for certain? Everyone however is destined to be a corpse along the serendipitous backdrop of live.


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