Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic is a performance artist who practices art in New York city. Hailing from Serbia, he art is focused around the human body. While this may be true of most performance artists, the unique part about Marina, is that she was the pioneer of multiple types of performance art, affectionately earning the name the Grandmother of Performance Art.

One of Marina’s most famous pieces was Rhythm 5. Rhythm 5 involves Marina dousing a soviet star with gasoline, lighting it on fire, and then her sitting in lying in the middle of it. This was likely a symbolic piece about the effects of communism and a cleansing ritual for her. During the performance of this piece, however, Marina passed out from the smoke and fumes from the ignited gasoline. Succinctly, if you are going to perform dangerous performance art, you probably should let someone know what to expect so they could assist in the event of an accident. Marina, however, survived the event and went on to produce other pieces of art.


This piece is titled Arrow, and is that title is self explanatory. Doing this piece involves great risk, and great trust. If the arrow is loosed then Abromovic will most certainly die. This piece traps the viewer in an emotional uncertainty similar to that of seeing a gun pointed at someone. Deadly force is possible, but what is the result. This strain between life and death is what defined Abromovic’s art as the danger involved will almost certainly evoke an emotional response.


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