I wouldn’t say that I am adverse to new technology. I rather enjoy when a new gadget comes out that enhances our lives. I spend a lot of money to upgrade my devices to make them current so that they can run the latest software, and I also find myself programming devices and creating programs for my own personal use too. I understand technology, and use it as a utility.

Social media, however, is not something that I embrace. It took me 8 years to create a Facebook account, and up until my wife created an Instagram for me, I had not had one. I find digital expression to be increasingly useless. If everyone is given an opinion or voice on a topic, then the cacophony from people who’s opinions are best left to themselves drowns out anyone with any sense. The great irony of our generation is how connected we are to each other through technology, but we are more lonely and more apart then ever before.

While I don’t think Instagram is different than this assessment, I do believe that it is novel in the fact that pictures are up to interpretation by whomever looks at them. I don’t have to hear random person x, y, or z’s opinion on the current political climate, but rather get to see a bunch of pictures of vegetarian food. That is a bit refreshing.

This snapshot was interesting as I was able to see all of the interests of those involved in our class. Being a web based class, I honestly expect to never see most of the people who are in this class, let alone recognize them. Instagram gives us a chance to do have a group meeting without actually meeting.


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