Outdoor Sketching

This week’s activity is one that I personally enjoy doing without prompting. Sketching is a good creative exercise that makes it so you have to pay attention to detail to produce a good result. Because the nature of sketching is monochromatic, the key elements of a realistic painting, the transitions from light to shadow, are emphasized. Sketching allows me to work on the fundamentals of art, so that when I attempt more complex visual mediums such as painting, I know where is appropriate to put shadows and light.

For this activity, I chose to do an abstraction of a tree in the community garden of my wife and my apartment complex. This tree constantly looks wind-brushed even in the absence of wind. It was fun to imagine the tree as being the lone tree on a windy day, and to capture that in a majestic landscape. While I may have not captured what my mind’s eye pictured, the exercise was nice.

I interpreted this activity as get out in nature to do art of nature. Nature provides endless inspiration for art. Take Bob Ross’s painting show as an example. The entirety of the show was landscapes and seascapes, but that was enough to produce content for 11 years. What isn’t captured by sketching in nature, however, is the wonderful pallet of colors that you see in nature. To capture that is a task for another time I suppose.



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