Bomb It – Street Artist Pez

For this week’s article I chose to focus on one of the street artists from Bomb It, rather than the entire group, as their styles are all rather different and it would be a rather long blog post to examine all of them. The artist I chose from the group was Pez. I chose Pez for two reasons. Firstly, I like his style, his use of colors and characters always represents a happy appearance, rather than a distopian one that is common in street art. Secondly, Pez is Spanish for fish. My last name is Armentrout, so we immediately had a connection.


A common theme in Pez’s work is the use of ridiculously exaggerated smiles in all of his caricatures. Even waves, which should not be smiling for all intents and purposes, smile as if they know some variety of secret. In addition to the smiles, all of his characters are cycloptian.

Pez hails from Barcelona, a metropolitan area that is typical of all graffiti artists. He competed in several compitions for urban art between 2006 and 2010 in europe, and then went on to write a primer for urban art.

I feel that if street art should be done, it should be done in this manner. Pez’s art is all about good vibes, a message that he himself endorses. Its an method of escape for him, and regardless of the legality of his work, it enriches his community.



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